What do need for real carding



1.       Computer-laptop is best, as you can carry it with you on your laptop if you desire. If you don’t have a laptop you can use your home P.C. till you can afford to get one. Of course with home PC you cant take it with you on your ops



2.       Encoder – If you look around most every has or talks about an MSR206 this seems to be the preferred encoder, but you can also use an AMC722. The AMC722 is usually cheaper and does the same thing.



3.       Power Inverter – Needed to run your encoder and nice to have if out for long period of time and laptop is dying. You can get these just about anywhere.



4.       Dumps – Get them from Dumps shop, for example 18sgorg.com. You can get classic, gold, platinum, world, business, signature etc. If this is your first time you may want to get classic and start by shopping for low end items.


Important anatomy of a dump:


There is a more detailed version of this on CP. But for now, you will only need to know this information to start.





B - Identifies to the POS system that your card is a bank card


4111111111111111 - Credit Card Number


Lastname - Lastname of cardholder


/ - Seperater


Firstname - Firstname of cardholder


06 - Experation Year


09 - Experation Month


101 & Beyond - Bank data



5.       Track 1 and 2 or just Track2 – you can get from Last Carding Service both. If you just have track2 only you can generate track 1 with PCKit-track1 generator. You will want to encode both tracks to your card. Making sure to change the name on the dump. Some stores only use track2 but it’s best to stay safe and encode both.



6.       Plastic cards. Never use your own card to encode onto, just not the best idea. You can get cards from just about anywhere, some drugstores sell prepaid cc’s, you can try that or get a Visa or MasterCard branded gift card. Most malls carry this type of GiftCard.


7.       Wallet - You will need extra wallet to store you novelty items. You don’t want to use your own wallet and keep having to take you real cards and id out and replacing them with your novelty.