How to use CC+CVV in shops. Checkout process

Let's say we set up the system, bought CVV in the store, found a shop and selected a stuff. How to place an order?

  1. Go to the shop from some external link, for example from Google.
  2. You need to be in the store for about 10 minutes, posing as a real buyer: looking at different products, moving around the site, etc.
  3. Finally add the stuff we are interested in to the basket. Usually these are "Buy" or "Add to Cart" buttons.
  4. After clicking on the basket we can see its contents, amount, remove or change the quantity of stuff
  5. To complete the purchase, click on the Checkout button.
  6. Enter all the information, click Continue Checkout. We confirm that you entered everything correctly and complete the purchase. We observe a green inscription that the order has been accepted for work, or red with a description (or without) of the problem.
  7. If successful, then wait for order status updates by mail. In many shops, you can check the status of the order in your account. Do not forget to include socks of the same state if you want to do so.

Order Information

We will sort everything in order. Suppose that you want to make an order with a us card, and are going to send stuff to a regular intermediary office in the USA. You also have a drop to receive parcels in your home region, let's say his name is Oscar Williams. Now you need to register a mailbox in the name of your drop, let's say Register on an intermediary with the IP of your home region, enter the data and email of drop. On the intermediary's site you get an address of something like this:

Name: Oscar
Surname: Williams
Street address (line 1): Strawbridge Hill Rd

Street address (line 2):
City: Muncy Valley
State: "Pennsylvania" or "PA"
Postcode: 17758
Phone: (734) 5154576

Great, there is an address. Now you buy the CC/CVV on 18SGORG.COM, it will be approximately in this form:

372397894501341;  0921;  5554;  JOHN BEVERIDGE;  862 NORMANDY DRIVE;  Watsontown;  PA  15074 United States
372397894501341 - card number
0921 - expiration date
5554 - verification code
JOHN BEVERIDGE - owner name
Watsontown - city
PA - state, Pennsylvania
15074 - postcode

Now you just have to register yourself or buy wholesale mailboxes for orders (you can buy here: Purchased will be of this type:

Done! We have everything we need.

  1. Billing information
    1. email —
    2. First Name — Jack (we take any name, it is never checked when processing the card)
    3. Last Name — Jones
    4. Address — 862 Normandy Drive (From the card, the address must match. We write not in caps, but beautifully)
    5. City — Watsontown
    6. Country — USA
    7. State — Pennsylvania
    8. Postal Code — 15074
    9. Billing phone number — 7342425534 We indicate either from the ever-employed, or the fax of some company in this city (worse options), or the Skype number for the state (Skype is easy to pay with $ 10 amex per transaction, renting a number costs $ 18).
  2. Shipping information
    1. Check if same as billing information — we would choose this item when make a e-gift order, Enroll, or to make a funny surprise to the cardholder
    2. First Name — Oscar (all data from the intermediary)
    3. Last Name — Williams
    4. Address 1 — Strawbridge Hill Rd
    5. Address 2 — 
    6. City — Muncy Valley
    7. Country — USA
    8. State — Pennsylvania
    9. Postal Code — 17758 (be sure to specify the index from the intermediary in full, otherwise your pack will not be found)
    10. Shipping phone number — 7345152376 You can specify the number of the intermediary with two incorrect numbers.
  3. Shipping — delivery. The more expensive, the faster. And the faster, the less likely that the parcel will be returned to the store because of the chargeback. But paying for super-fast delivery for an extra day can also raise suspicions.
  4. Payment information
    1. Payment method — you need to indicate which company we have a credit card for. We determine by the first digit of the number: 3 - American Express, 4 - Visa, 5 - MasterCard
    2. Card number — 372397894501341
    3. Expiration date — 0921 (September 2021)
    4. Security Code — 5554

Successful orders!