How to search best shops for online carding

Search for shops can be carried out both in the manual method and in the automatic using parsers.

Work with search engines
We need:
Search engine (yahoo, google, aol, etc.)
Correct queries:
"+" The Plus symbol will force Google to take into account the word it is facing when processing the request.
To filter the request correctly, we recommend writing a request in the form of "shop + e-gift + pay visa" (without quotes), there will be a request for stores with e-Gift and Visa payment.
"inurl:" (without quotes) Similar to the allinurl operator, only searches the page addresses of a single word.
If you substitute the following query with "inurl:" - indicates that the phrase we are looking for should be in the link / link / url

For example, "clothes shop + inurl: e-gift" - we will get a list of shops that have the phrase e-gift in the link

For example

“” Double quotation marks allow you to find only the expression that they contain.

"Clothes shop egift"
"site:" Limits the search for words that appear before the operator specified by the domain or site.
"clothes shop site: .bz" - 6 requests will be issued in the .BZ domain.

Requests can be connected in 1 line

  The logical "OR" allows you to find several variants of words or expressions. The “|" symbol corresponds to it.
"men + clothes inurl: egift OR e-gift OR giftcard site: .com" - men's clothing, search by the link OR (indicate synonyms of the word and their search) and search in a specific domain

Work with parsers

You can search for shops in automatic mode. With the help of software.
Download the program Butterfly, this program for example. We start the program, enter your key in the window (for example, online shop or gift card, etc.), after selecting google search engine by usa. Choose the path where the result will be saved.
For example, 700 sites were sparsed by this program, they were saved in a text document.
Download the program after installation it will be necessary to register the program - enter e-mail, an activation key will come to it.
We start Netpeak, in the left menu we remove all checkboxes, you can search for shops by “Alexa” or “PR”
We press the upper left button "download" and insert the result of the output, which the program parsed in the first or second paragraph. (there will be just links).
Below we click "analyze".
After analysis, in the main window, click on "Alexa Rank" or "PR", so that the program will sort the sites for us by Alexa or PR. Well, we go to all sites in a row (2 times click on the link from the program window).
For those who do not know what Alexa is. This is a certain rating, an indicator of site traffic. The lower it is (the lower the number), the larger the site has traffic. Accordingly, we go to sites with the highest Alexa ratings and in descending order.

Alexa rating is assigned specifically for sites of the same subject. For example, an online store site with a rating of 1kk will have less traffic than a website of an online store with a rating of 500k, but not the fact that it will have less traffic than a car site with a rating of 500k.
In general, you need to understand that the rating is assigned to sites of the same, similar subjects.
By “PR” Page Rank we look for shops with PR up to 2 (for beginners), the lower this indicator, the “weaker” the site’s security, but this is also not an indicator, sites send orders with a high rank.

PS. Even with a specific key (when parsing), for example, "online shop", there will be many other sites in the output. That is why you will have to visit many sites and make a selection.