Many customers ask "which bin you will advise?". This question can not be answered, because for each country different bins work.

You have to find a good bin for yourself. Stop asking other people for a bin list. No one will give you this list, because it is classified information for each carder. People invested money to find the best bin list. You can not become rich without investing.


How to find a list of bins for use?

Do not buy one by one bin. Buy a pack of 50 pieces from fresh bases, because the old bases do not have a high valid. You will need time to use all the cards. At the end of the day you  will pick the best bins for ourselves.


·         Pick 1 dump from each BIN and encode it using the MSR in an OLD (or prepaid) plastic.


·         To try the bins you need to use gas stations, small shops, kiosks. Do not go to large stores.


·         Once you have tried all the bins, you will have several working bins that work in your region.


·         Check the dumps which have not been past the test in the fixed amount checker for the same amount. If the checker shows approved, then dumps of those BIN's are regional locked and useless for you. But if the checker shows declined also, then you can pick other. Repeat the tests until you are 100% sure than the BIN is not locked!


·         Now, because you've been taken as test only 1 dump from each BIN you can try to cover the investment! The remaining dumps from the BIN's are you figured. The goods you will be able to buy using the remaining dumps will be your bonus, not a profit. The "profit" is the BIN list you've just got.


·         What to do when you cashout money from all your cards? Do not dwell on this. Do not buy only old bins. Try also new ones. Buy half the bins that worked in your region and half of the new bins to replenish the bin list.