How to buy eGift - New carding gift method

As you already know after studying the previous guides, the ABS system works in the USA, which checks the real billing address of the holder with the address entered when buying in a shop.
And if you enter the wrong billing address when buying, then this order will be canceled 100%.
Question: how then to work with USA material?
e-Gift (electronic gift card) comes to our aid.

e-Gift is a regular code of numbers and letters like some kind of discount coupon and has its own balance. In simple words, this is the electronic currency of a certain shop.
An example of what an e-Gift looks like: WJ49Y37HH2
How to use it will be described later.
When buying an e-Gift, we don’t need to enter a physical shipping address, the e-Gift comes to the recipient’s email.

To buy an e-Gift we need to specify only the name and email address of the recipient. This will be the shipping address of the purchase, and directly in the process of processing this purchase we enter the real billing address of the holder. The billing is real, ABS does not swear and in a good situation we get an e-Gift to the recipient’s email.

IMPORTANT: Do not confuse e-Gift card and Gift card.
Gift card is an analog e-Gift format and is sent by mail as correspondence to a physical address.

How to order e-Gift using CC/CVV?
To make a gift we need:

  1. USA CC
  2. Socks or tunnel for billing address of the holder (ideally for a zip, but it is also possible for a city)
  3. 2 Email addresses: one for the holder, one for the recipient of the gift.
  4. Phone (Ideally, Skype with an answering machine, but if this is not possible, then a fax for the city of the holder).

Method of work when buying a gift:

  1. We put a socks or a tunnel address of the holder
  2. Set up system time in windows
  3. We check on whether everything is as we need
  4. We go to the desired shop (do not go through the direct link, it is better through google, but ideally through some sort of shopping directory or any third-party resource where there is a link to the shop)
  5. Do not immediately proceed to buying a gift. 5-7 minutes walk around the shop, look at the goods (behave like a buyer, do not go into all sections, look at one).
    If there is an advertising banner in the shop, showing us that you can buy a gift, it is better to proceed to purchase through it, it will look like a spontaneous decision.
  6. Moving on to the Gift
  7. Choose a value
  8. We enter in the columns the names and emails of the sender and recipient, we also write a message to the recipient (do not ignore this). At the expense of names, I hope you remember that the real names of the holders can not be verified, so we write the name on which our email is made.
  9. We proceed to the checkout process, where we enter the real billing address of the holder (there are shops with bugs where you may be asked to enter a shipping address when buying GIFTs, here we enter the address of the holder, but check if you are buying an electronic GIFT, and not a physical one)

REMEMBER: A gift is exactly the same purchase as any other, the antifraud system does not sleep here and the success of your order will depend on how well you prepared everything before the carding process.
In case of the arrival of the chargeback Gift, they can annul or expand the parcel sent to this Gift.

Buying with e-Gift.
So we got our e-Gift!
Anyone can pay them.
This means that we go into our shop, select the product we need and, when making a purchase, indicate the billing and shipping addresses that we need, the addresses of our intermediary.
And at the end of the checkout process, we found among the payment methods to pay with a gift card, we pay not with Credit Card, but with our gift.
Most often, in the shopping process when making a purchase, even before you reach the choice of a payment method, there is a column "apply gift card" or "apply gift certificate". If you see such a column, then just enter the code of our Gift there and click the "apply" button. Start looking for this column with your eyes from the moment you go to the basket. Sometimes this column is present in the section for choosing a payment method.