Dump types and limits




·         Classic  - These types of dumps are usually the cheapest to buy from a vendor. On average you can get $500 on these types of dumps. Visa classics have a balance limit of $500 to $3,500.

·         Gold - These limits start at $3,500. The maximum limit of cards does not exceed $5,000. With these you can make higher amounts of purchases.

·         Platinum - Visa platinum dumps are for the larger purchases mainly. Visa Platinum have a balance limit of $3,000 to $6,000.

·         Signature & Business - Signatues to have no limits. So for us that means these have the highest limits available. You can get from these dumps from   $7,000 to $25,000

·         Discover - You can get anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 on these in one purchase. Using these dumps for multiple purchases will most likely kill the dump before you get past either of those limits. Almost all discover cards begin with a balance of $10,000.





·         Standard – it is same as classic visa card.

·         Gold – it is same as visa gold card.

·         Platinum – it is same as visa platinum card

·         World – it has a very high limit.

·         World Elite – it is virtually no limit, high-end card.





·         Gold – it usually has around a $10,000 limit.

·         Platinum - is usually has a higher limit around $35,000.

·         Centurion – it has a High limit $75,000.